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Copenhagen Medical

Test and health services

  • Tests for COVID-19 – both PCR and rapid antigen test
  • Vaccines – both seasonal and travel
  • Various blood tests and screenings
  • Tailor made health services for businesses
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PCR test and rapid test


We test for COVID-19 both with a rapid test (antigen test) with an answer in 20-30 minutes and with a PCR test, where you can choose between getting a quick answer in 1-3 hours or 24 hours. The test answer is delivered as a digital certificate and can be used for travel. It’s quick and easy – just book an appointment at our test center.

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Flu, TBE and travel vaccines


We offer various vaccines, including flu, TBE and travel vaccines. You get personal advice on which vaccines suit you, based on where you will be traveling and what you will be doing. At the same time, the doctor books an appointment that suits you at our test center.

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SARS-CoV-2 antibody via a blood test

COVID-19 antibody measurement

We offer a measurement of SARS-CoV-2 antibody via an easy and quick blood test, which can demonstrate whether you have been infected with the coronavirus within the last few months.

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About Copenhagen Medical

Copenhagen Medical A/S was founded when the corona pandemic hit Denmark. The task of rapid testing for COVID-19 has given us valuable experience in delivering high-quality healthcare services for citizens, in a trustworthy, accessible and proper way. We will continue with that.

Our mission is to improve the health of the Danes with a focus on prevention and to give greater insight into the possibility of influencing one’s own health. Where and when, it suits the individual best.


Here you will find our test center

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